The Loveliest Mountain of China, 3-channel video installation
Total running time of loop in installation: 45 minutes
Total running time of installation documentation: 9 minutes


The Loveliest Mountain of China (2012/14) is a 3-channel video installation that lays bare the bones of the participatory documentary medium, deconstructing narrative film production modalities, and presenting them across a wall space on three screens simultaneously. Comprised of one screen of interviews, one of fixed camera landscape views and one of “B-roll” of tourists posing in front of the mountain, a self-reflexive epi-narrative unfolds between the screens with an awareness of the illusion of ethnographic representation, gaps in translation, and the complexities of the politics of landscape. Ecological change is approached through the voices and perspectives of people who inhabit and visit – the locals and the tourists – the picturesque landscape of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain).

-Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA, February 2014
-Gallery NAGA, Boston, January 2014
-Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing, September 2012- March 2013
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