7:30 duration, HD video, 2015

Using animation, heat sensitive camera footage from US border patrol screens, military bombing drone monitors, and other collected footage, Maelstroms is a mediation on the dehumanizing use of image technology to control borders by land, air and sea.

audio: Upon Maelstroms of Unbearable Reality by Steerage, courtesy of caduc. records


Selected Screenings:
– *Winner of Audience Choice Award* CROSSROADS 2016 (San Francisco, April 2016)
– Anthology Film Archives, Another Experiment by Women Film Festival (New York, NY, February 2016)
– Microscope Gallery Event Series (Brooklyn, October 2016)
– San Diego Underground Film Festival (San Diego, Nov 2016)
– Havana Film Festival (Havana, Cuba, December 2016)
– Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Hawick, Scotland, March 2017)
– Montreal Underground Film Festival (Montreal, May 2017)
– Chicago Underground Film Festival (Chicago, June 2017)
– Currents New Media Festival (Santa Fe, June 2017)
– Sign on / Sign off (Stuttgart and ACRE TV, June 2017)
– SDSU Downtown Gallery (San Diego, July 2017)
– WDNX Festival of Moving Image (Winnipeg, October 2017)
– Twisted Oyster Film Festival (Chicago, October 2017)
– Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson (Tucson, AZ, October – December 2017)
– Experimental Response Cinema (Austin, TX, January 2018)
– That One Film Festival (Muncie, IN, April 2018)
– The Vast Lab (Los Angeles, July 2108)
– Empirical Ideologies, Labocine, issue 26 (Online, September 2018)
– Other Cinema (San Francisco, October 2018)
– Revolutions per Minute Festival (Boston, February 2019)
– Short Movie Club Festival (Minsk, Belarus, March 2019)


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