Site specific 6-channel video installation, commission for Art San Diego, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
November 2015
Home premiered framing the entryway to Art San Diego. Six video monitors embedded in the concrete columns extended along the facade of the building. The monitors’ imagery contained orbiting spheres floating clockwise around the visitor in three rings as they entered the building.

The first orbit represents the view from earth; the middle orbit the view traveling through space; the third and outer orbit is the view from living on the moon. As the orbits move further away from the entrance in distance, they also move further away in time, from the present to the future.

Sourced from the Internet, NASA, space films, 19th century drawings of the moon’s surface, and the artist’s recordings, the installation’s video material evidences our long-standing fascination with space travel and colonization as depicted in film, media, and popular culture. The piece is a meditation on public and private plans to colonize space rather than address issues on Earth to sustain its habitability.

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