Consciousness of Changing Climate
Environmental Film Screening

Tuesday, July 16th at Böttgerstraße 13, Berlin

Artists Without a Cause invites you to join us for our film screening “Consciousness of Changing Climate”! Featured films surround the topic of climate change and human relationships with this issue. This screening aims to explore, familiarize, and bring awareness to the environments around us. Along with this, AWAC and featured artists hope to show both abstract and direct examples of how climate change is effecting humans and other ecological functions.

– “Oro Blanco” by Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez
– “Questions for a Dinosaur” by Rachel Garber Cole
– “Panorama Panik Botanik” by Vera Sebert
– “Techno Inferno” by Farhanaz Rupaidha
– “Patches of Snow in July” by Lana Z Caplan
– “Totem” by Alex MacKenzie

video still from Patches of Snow in July

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