Shed on Passive Sands, Archival Pigment Prints, 24’x32″, 2019


I look to the white garden of the dunes.
The vast shadow-suckled sand.
Where the colors flash and never issue
But flow through hidden veinage;
I am naked to the sun.
I let the sun print on me as on the dunes.
With great passion of surrender, I have peace.

-Hugo Seeling (Dunite Poet) excerpt from L., published in Wheel of Fire, Round Table Book Co, Oceano, 1936

These are the Dunes of the Chumash, a people nearly erased by the Spanish Missionaries; the Dunes of Cecil B. DeMille’s ancient Egyptian Ten Commandments movie set; the Dunes of the Dunites, the artists, poets, nudists, and mystics living off the grid in the depression era; the Dunes of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams’ sensual perfection; and the Dunes of the current day Dunites: the ATV riders who tear through the endangered plant species and grind the sand into fine airborne particulates.