Microscope Gallery Event Series


video still, Maelstroms, Lana Z Caplan 2015


Microscope Gallery Event Series
Monday October 17, 7:30pm

Maps, Monuments, and Meditation Exercises”
Together the works in the program, which range from 15 seconds to 15 minutes, take on major issues of our times such as border control, power and privilege, sex work, and our conflicted relationship with technology, often incorporating personal experience, literature and poetry, and an appreciation for the absurd.

Featuring works by Lana Z Caplan, Sasha Waters Freyer, Jerimiah Jones, Annie Rose Malamet, Jung Hee Mun, Sarada Rauch, Josh Sender, Katya Yakubov.

Q&A w/ New York area artists following the screening

Microscope Gallery
1329 Willoughby Ave, #2B
Brooklyn, NY 11237