excerpt from ERRATA

ERRATA, 20:40, HD video
Sound by Alan F. Jones and Lana Z Caplan

Rhythms of the mundane become a meditation on leisure, work, and time. As the visual cycle repeats – passengers load, unload, reload, boats arrive, depart, arrive – the reading of the Italian ferryboat schedule – town names, times, and departures – morphs from announcement to chant, boats transform, deconstruct, and twist into a mindscape, rendering the unseen, the errata, seen.

– Downtown at Sundown, SDSU Gallery/Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (San Diego, July 2017)
– San Diego Underground Film Festival (San Diego, August 2017)
– Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema (Paris, October 2017)
– Visions (Montreal, May 2018)
– Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Hawick, Scotland, May 2018)
– Anarchivia (Mexico City, March 2019)

distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinéma