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SOSPIRA, 50 min, color and black and white, super 8 and digital video, 2010

Sospira is a 50 minute experimental documentary which focuses on nine courageous international women who were traveling seeking themselves and found love along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Taking a leap of faith, leaving their city lives, families, careers, friends, and goals, each of these women believed in love, and in themselves, enough to reinvent their lives.

Digital video and super 8 weave together while the women's voices carry the film, telling the stories of meeting their love, their choices involved in moving to Italy, the expected and unexpected compromises, and the search for a comfortable balance. As the fantasy veneer of Mediterranean village life wears thin, beauty recedes to inaccessibility, and their own desires and sense of self are called into question, becoming mysterious even to themselves.

World Premiere: Boston Center for the Arts, Calderwood Pavilion, Emerging Filmmakers Series, 2011
Televison: PBS online, series "The Journey", May 2011

Shannon Antony
Melanie Bayes
Elisabeth Catuogno
Jacquie Coppola
Carla Coulson
JoAnne Dunn
Natalie Groves
Anita Irace
Kim Megraw
Amanda Murray
Akie Tanaka
Cathy van der Muelen

Original Score: Kevin Micka (aka Animal Hospital) and Chris Brokaw.
Director, Producer, Camera, Sound Design: Lana Z Caplan
Editing & Sound: Mike Olenick, Paul Hill, Lana Z Caplan
Titles: Alan Waldo
Additional Footage: University of Pennsylvania Film Archive

Made with generous support from The Wexner Center for the Arts



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