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Cabin Fever Playlist as of April25-340pm

Including links to full length versions of 2 films:

20:40 min, 2017 (Meditative and Calming playlist)
Sound by Alan F. Jones and Lana Z Caplan
Rhythms of the mundane become a meditation on leisure, work, and time. As the visual cycle repeats – passengers load, unload, reload, boats arrive, depart, arrive – the reading of the Italian ferryboat schedule – town names, times, and departures – morphs from announcement to chant, boats transform, deconstruct, and twist into a mindscape, rendering the unseen, the errata, seen.

3:30, 2007 (Animals playlist)
Footage from the 1933 film “The Big Cage” stripped of sound and re-edited onto clear leader followed by the removed optical soundtrack, also affixed to clear leader. Each strip of sound acts as a character, mimicking the actions in the film.

Cabin Fever Playlist featured on:

Museum of Modern Art



Experimental Response Cinema @ Museum of Human Achievement



Thursday, January 30, 2019, 7:30pm
Museum of Human Achievement (916 Springdale)
Austin, Texas

including #YouAreASystem, aka Autopoiesis

Experimental Response Cinema presents OVER AND OUT, its third celebration of resistance to the policies of United States president #45! Cathartic as well as a call to action, this screening of short films will address the current political landscape in ways both playful and incisive. With it, we affirm creativity as a vital and needed clapback to lies, greed, bigotry and ignorance.

You’ll laugh

you’ll cry

you’ll vote him OUT November 3rd…


Image: KNEE JERK, Kerry Laitala and students in her Advanced Processing Workshop at the San Francisco Art Institute





Space Time is happy to present an evening of contemporary, experimental Science Fiction videos.
Screening of works by James Fotopoulos, Lana Z Caplan, and Michael Trigilio  

January 17th, 2020
at Bread & Salt
1955 Julian Ave., San Diego, CA 92113
Doors: 7:30pm, Screening: 8pm

DignityJames Fotopoulos, (2012, 82 min.)
AutopoiesisLana Z Caplan, (2019, 7:20 min.)
Glimmer Exodus OvertureMichael Trigilio, (2019, 12:31 min.)

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January 16-19, 2020

Including Lana Z Caplan’s Autopoiesis in the special program “Digital Detox”.
Friday 17th of January 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

“For over 30 years, the Festival has been devoted to crossing the border between cinema and media art with an adventurous international programme comprising films, workshops, Expanded Media exhibition and performances for people of all ages. The Festival’s core are the international competitions for short film, Media in Space and Network Culture – flanked by a comprehensive programme. This year’s thematic focus is “Absence”. The Festival edition is located at the interface between a media-dominated society in all its facets and all of the things falling through or getting blurred by the grid of such a society: what is not said or depicted, the things pushed aside or rejected. We are longing for absence and its traces. Like a test strip, our Festival delves into the big house of absence – placing it at the macro focus.”

see program here




Society of Scottish Artists / CutLog
Artists Moving Image Exhibition

December 22nd and February 5th 2020
Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh

Including Lana Z Caplan’s Maelstroms and Patches of Snow in July

OPEN SSA+VAS, is presented in partnership with Visual Arts Scotland and will be the largest exhibition of contemporary art and craft to be held in Scotland this year giving an audience of over 30,000 people the opportunity to discover and enjoy artworks across all mediums.



New Media Fest 2020

New Museum of Networked Art & The Wake Up! Memorial
Launching 25 December 2019
curated by Agricola de Cologne, artvideoKOELN

Lana Z Caplan’s Canaries in the Mine is included in the collection “Wake-up – Climate Change!”, part of The Wake up! Memorial project. 

“NewMediaFest 2020 – an event structure to take place in an exchange between virtual and physical space – starting on 25 December 2019 in Ethiopia – running until 31 December 2020 – will honour and include all artists, curators and other cultural instances like festivals, museum , galleries etc which were collaborating with Agricola de Cologne during the past 20 years since 2000 – in the basic program online – there will be at least 12 physical venues- each month another one in another country presenting an individual Jubilee program – to be complemented by monthly features online in video, netart and soundart.”

View the videos here:




Lost and Found in Late Capitalism
curated by Shahbaz Khayambashi, Co-Chair, Pleasure Dome

Fri., Dec. 6, 2019
at the Small World Music Centre
180 Shaw St, Toronto, ON


Lost and Found in Late Capitalism, Curatorial Statement:
In recent years, with the election of right-wing and fascist politicians around the world, the link between fascism and capitalism has become impossible to ignore. As profit overtakes happiness as the endeavour of humanity and austerity becomes the way of the land, the citizens of the modern nation have no choice but to go with the pack or get trampled in the process. Of course, since it was left to fester for so long, capitalism has reached its inevitable zenith, reaching that time that we have been warned about for decades, the age of late capitalism. Existing somewhere between apocalypse and parody, the age of late capitalism has brought about dystopian ideals presented to its subjects as standard societal practices. No longer will people fight for their own rights, because their rights have been established as unrealistic, their fighting as criminal. Late capitalism is the current state of affairs. It cannot be stopped, unless people wake up to it, become aware of it. Perhaps the response from the art world could help that occur.

That is the idealistic background for Pleasure Dome’s Lost and Found in Late Capitalism, a response to this stage of late capitalism by using its own products. While capitalism continues to destroy our environment, wage wars on our people, and destroy our social fabric, this program will attempt to speak truth to power by speaking power’s language. This program consists of a series of short videos constructed from found footage, coming from a variety of formats, sources and levels of legality. These videos use footage from Hollywood films, business promotional videos, public domain artefacts and military footage to tell stories of life under the thumb of capitalism. It is through this re-appropriation of the products of capitalism that today’s artists can attempt to come to terms with the struggle of living under an unquestionable dictatorial system.


Beyond Human, Pete Burkeet (Ohio, USA), 2018.
Mad as Hell, Emily Pelstring (Kingston, ON, CND) and Meg Remy (Toronto, ON, CND), 2017.
Gone Sale, Matt Meindl (USA), 2018.
Public Domain, Jason Britski (SK,CND), 2018.
A Feverish Fascination, Imogen Clendinning, (Windsor, ON, CND), 2018.
Music of Desire, Kristin Reeves (KY, USA), 2016.
Painting with the Man, Freya Björg Olafson (Toronto, ON, CND), 2017.
What is an Object, Stephanie Deumer (NY, USA) 2015.
Maelstroms, Lana Z Caplan (CA, USA), 2015.
Flat Pyramid, Kevin Doherty (NY, USA), 2017.

Lost and Found in Late Capitalism




MANIFEST DISMANTLING @Boston Cyberarts Gallery

including Lana Z Caplan’s Patches of Snow in July and Maelstroms
program details here

Boston Cyberarts
150 Green Street
Jamaica Plain, MA


more information:

facebook event page:



Optronica2 at OTHER CINEMA

OPTRON2 at Other Cinema

curated by the magical Craig Baldwin

Other Cinema
@ ATA Gallery
992 Valencia St, San Francisco
November 2, 2019



Live A-V luv-fest fer sure, with distinctive, daring demonstrations of creative expression from four of Cali’s leading media-artists! Prodigal son Scott Stark proffers a para-cinema set featuring the premiere of CLYPPS and his in-house 35mm scope projector, while twinkling SLO satellite Lana Z Caplan orbits back with the NorCal launch of her 35mm piece Apollonian Light and her Autopoiesis short. SF stalwart Tommy Becker sets up screen-left with the debut of his Side Two of Tape Number One–music and poetry exploring our entangled relations with auto-mobile machinesAND here’s the unveiling of The Cube by ex-Austinite Bill Baird–musical performance-art inside a projection-mapped tent! PLUS a sprinkling of cine/sonic tricks by Ryan WorsleyBruce HaackBrett Ingramet al. Dizzying documentation of Brown/Gruffat’s Unsettling Texas filmperformance follows Russ Forster‘s theremin busking

“Other Cinema is a long-standing bastion of experimental film, video, and performance in San Francisco’s Mission District. We are inspired and sustained by the ongoing practice of fine-art filmmaking, as well as engaged essay and documentary forms. But OC also embraces marginalized genres like “orphan” industrial films, home movies, ethnography, and exploitation, as media-archeological core-samples, and blows against consensus reality and the sterility of museum culture.”



A Salon with Lana Z Caplan
Friday, November 1st, 2019 // 7:30 PM (doors 7:00 PM)

We are delighted to welcome multimedia artist Lana Z Caplan to present a Canyon Cinema Salon screening at 16 Sherman Street in San Francisco. Caplan has curated a program that elegantly weaves films from Canyon’s deep catalog along with her poignant and visually rich work.

“Chosen from subconscious memories and deep influences, the films in this program relate to the ideas and approaches that I have been wrestling with in my own work: harmony and disharmony with the rhythms and gifts of earth — persuasive and abusive use of media — ritual, ceremony, mysticism — and the fleeting preciousness of it all. ”  – Lana Z Caplan

As always, this event is free and open to the public, with refreshments served beginning at 7:00 and the doors closed for the start of the show at 7:30. An informal conversation with the filmmaker will follow the screening.

Program includes:

Kalendar by Naomi Uman (2008, 12 min, 16mm)

A Depression in the Bay of Bengal by Mark Lapore (1996, 28 min, 16mm)

My Name is Oona by Gunvor Nelson (1969, 10 min, 16mm)

HedonHeathen 1 by Lana Z Caplan (2013, 2 min, HD)

Aspect by Emily Richardson (2004, 9 min, 16mm)

Patches of Snow in July by Lana Z Caplan (2017, 8 min, HD)

16 Sherman Street, SF, CA
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October 23, 6-9pm
Reeves Theater
University of Tampa

At the intersection of art and technology the artists selected for CONNECT 2019 are experimenting with space, time, form and sound while re-examining the way we communicate ideas and tell stories.  

The eighteen artists represent thirteen countries and a variety of styles and processes. The results range from sensual abstraction to the strange visual effects of computer coding.  

The work addresses personal, social and political issues relevant to our times.  

Our common thread is an interest in expanding the concepts of art/film/technology and exploring the medium itself. We initially connected via Internet – Facebook / YouTube / Vimeo.

Most of us have never met in person but we have established a strong camaraderie through shared screenings around the world and/or our common love of the moving image. 

Dee Hood, Curator, CONNECT 2019




AXW Film Festival


curated by Lili White

Anthology Film Archives
2nd and 2nd, NYC
July 17, 2019. 6:00 PM

with works by Lana Z Caplan, Evelin Stermitz, Giselle Chien, Meredith Moore, Sarah Harbridge, Caryn Cline & Linda Fenstermaker, Morrison Gong, Lisa Danker, Karissa Hahn, Maureen Zent

including Autopoiesis  (still above) – US Premiere!




Consciousness of Changing Climate
Environmental Film Screening

Tuesday, July 16th at Böttgerstraße 13, Berlin

Artists Without a Cause invites you to join us for our film screening “Consciousness of Changing Climate”! Featured films surround the topic of climate change and human relationships with this issue. This screening aims to explore, familiarize, and bring awareness to the environments around us. Along with this, AWAC and featured artists hope to show both abstract and direct examples of how climate change is effecting humans and other ecological functions.

– “Oro Blanco” by Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez
– “Questions for a Dinosaur” by Rachel Garber Cole
– “Panorama Panik Botanik” by Vera Sebert
– “Techno Inferno” by Farhanaz Rupaidha
– “Patches of Snow in July” by Lana Z Caplan
– “Totem” by Alex MacKenzie

video still from Patches of Snow in July

facebook event page


Deviate / Landscape

Deviate / Landscape

San Diego Art Institute

Curated by Carlos Castro Arias & Sarah Trujillo-Porter, Deviate / Landscape revolves around contemporary approaches to artmaking that deal with the idea of landscape as a constructed and deconstructed space. The selected artists use painting, video, installation, photography and other mediums to explore landscape. The selected works use landscape as a metaphor for time and transformation but also highlight contemporary political and environmental issues.

Exhibiting Artists
Miguel Arzabe, Lana Z Caplan, Carolina Caycedo ,Remi Dalton, Ashley Fenderson, Jessica Ling Findley, Eleanor Greer, Richard Keeley, Adam Manley, Carolina Montejo, Hillary Mushkin, Arzu Ozkal, Scott Polach, Rachelle Reichert, Jon Rodley, Daniel Ruanova, Ali Silverstein, Eva Struble,  Bradley Tucker, Cesar Vasquez, Jevi Joe Vitug

Image: Daniel Ruanova,  History of Manimals III, 2017. Photo courtesy of the artist and Parque Galería CDMX




Revolutions per Minute Festival

Boston, Feb. 2 & 3, 2019

Program 8: The Inner Life of Space

Lumen, Richard Ashrowan, 16mm, 2018
Girl Becomes Snow, Ryan Betschart, SD, 2017
The Future, Pamela Breda, HD, 2017
The Symphony of Names: No Man is and Island, Elizabeth Withstandley, 16mm, 2018
Re-entry , Pierre Yves Clouin, HD, 2017
Boral Pather Panchali, Alex Cunningham, HD, 2018
Gibraltar Point (transformed), Penny McCann, 16mm, 2018
Anxiety, Muge Yildiz, Super8/16mm, 2016
Gede Vizyon, Marcos Serafim, Jefferson Kielwagen and Steevens Simeon, HD, 2018
Winter’s First Moons, Kathleen Rugh, 16mm, 2018
In front of the Sea, Yaniv Touati, SD, 2017
Farewell Transmission, Mike Rollo, 16mm, 2017
Maelstroms, Lana Z Caplan, HD, 2017




Presented by Other Cinema

October 20: 8:30pm: GRETA SNIDER’s 3-D + L.CAPLAN + A.COPPOLA +

“The second half of our Focus on Locus double-header features two world premieres—exquisite expanded cinema/retinal rivalry pieces by the Mission’s own Greta Snider, plus a timely revival of her epochal 16mm diary Portland, train-hopping with Ivy McClelland and Iggy Scam!

Lana Caplan breaks away from her SLO college gig to unspool a NorCal debut, Patches of Snow in July (Hawaii volcano), as well as her earlier Maelstroms (Mexico border).

In his farewell appearance, long-lost ally Alex Coppola flies in from Philly to not only open the show, but close it as well, with his world-class World Music vinyl selections, set to an absolutely sublime sampler of mid-20C personal travelogues—Glimpses of the Global Southglorious Kodachrome shot in four sites, moving east around the planet—Hong KongTahiti, the Andes, and the Amazon.

As to marginal spaces in the US interior: Brea Weinreb debuts Framing History, a collective S8 remediation of home movies from Japanese internees in the AmacheColorado camp.

PLUS: Matt McCormick’s cautionary America Nutria, on a Southern mammal now munching on Coast rhizomes!”  …

ATA Gallery, 992 Valencia (@ 21st), San Francisco




The Future of History

Boston Cyberarts Gallery
November 10 – December 16, 2018

Reception Friday November 16, 6-8pm

Liz Blum, Lana Z Caplan, Rocio Delaloye, Antony Flackett, Jess Holz, Matt Kushan, Yuko Oda, Nancy Sepe, Zenovia Toloudi

The Future of History is the second in a series of two exhibitions that present works that pair art and technology in a thought provoking and visually engaging manner. Works that address, rather than use, technology on a conceptual level are featured as well. The Future of History features work by nine artists from as far away as Pakistan to local Boston based artists. From video montage saturated with contemporary media, to uncanny landscapes imaged with a scanning electron microscope, to delicate 3D printed butterflies the works in this exhibition leverage art and technology to delve into questions about culture and the environment.

more information:






“For over 30 years now, the OC season has been consummated with an energized evening of radical expression and film form, with many of the artists in person (7!). Spot-lit on this round are Jeremy Rourke’s performance may two thousand and eighteenBryan Boyce’s Fake but TrueTim Johnson’s March of Tim, and David King’s Male Men, all world premieres with makers present. ALSO Greta Snider’s A Small PlaceJulie Murray’s Wind Wire WoundSabine Gruffat’s A Return to the Return to ReasonLana Caplan’s Play and RepeatHaley McCormick’s DancerMark Street’s ZOOM, Montgomery Cantsin’s SmytheAnthony Buchanan’s I, Chris, and the No. American debuts of Michael Fleming’s Never Never Land and Bori Mate’s Silent Spring Seahorse. A Robert Todd short is also included, in memory of this lovely gentleman who has passed from our world. Closing this colossal group show is Alex Cruse and Kevin Lo (Drought Spa), with a new performance A Fume, on fractured pressures in volatility’s mouth. Fruitcake and free pencils!!” Other Cinema

Other Cinema
@ATA Gallery, 922 Valencia, SF, CA