Shift (excerpts), 43 min, HD video
2-channel video of 35 one-minute portraits shot in 3 countries between July 1 – September 1, 2010
An alternative to the travelogue, Shift is a 2-channel video of 35 one-minute portraits shot by Caplan in three countries, between July 1 РSeptember 1, 2010, featuring friends, family, encounters, artists and fellow filmmakers. For each portrait, Caplan shot approximately one minute of the participant then passed the camera to them for a minute. While the participant recorded her, Caplan performed for the camera in response to the performance of the other.

Included in these excerpts:
Gennaro Galano
Sol Lewitt
Giovanni Scala
Stefano Irace
Saul Levine
George Kuchar
Paxton James
Bernice B Bredt
Laurel Kirtz
Anabel Vazquez
Portraits included in full version:

Columbus OH, July 1 – July 2
Jennifer Lange
Paul Hill
Jennifer Reeder
Girl at Dead show

Positano, Italy, July 7 – July15
Valerie Lehr
Fernanda Fusco

Kefalonia, Greece July 16 – July 20
Chris, Brit at the car rental agency
Costas, the waiter
Mikas, the sailor

Athens, Greece, July 20 – July 22
Watermelon vendor
Cleo Azariadis

Amalfi Coast, Italy, July 22 – Aug. 12
Glyn Cassidy
Alison Coates
Gennaro Galano
Sol LeWitt
Giovanni Scala
Fabrizio Lucibello
Stefano Irace
Amanda Murray

New England, Aug. 12 – Aug. 17
Saul Levine
Diana Chaplin
George Kuchar

Tampa, FL, Aug. 18 – Aug. 23
Paxton James
Bernice B Bredt
Ashley the Mermaid
Cindy Caplan

Boston, MA, Aug. 24 – Aug. 31
Jasmine Chen
Kristen Mills
Jonah Rapino
Laurel Kirtz
Meg White
Arthur Dion
Liz Munsell
Anabel Vazquez
Kasia Bytnerowicz


-Gallery NAGA, Boston, MA, February 2016
-Massart Film Society, Boston, MA, March 2012
-Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA, April 2011
-Camden International Film Festival, Camden ME, October 2010