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Performing for the Camera: Possess and Consume
June 25 - July 29, 2009
Curated by Lana Z Caplan

In each of the videos in this program, the artist uses themselves in the video to create works that examine authorship and consumption, cultural taboos, desire and repulsion.  Packaged with glossy wrappers, using sex, politics and the media, these artists reflect our culture’s need for possession and our marketing and consumer obsession.

Video works included in this program  (total running time 24 minutes)
Daily Treasures: Living off the Land! Vintage Banana Tonga Matchbook, Goatsilk, 2008, 03;27
For 20 working days in June 2008, Goatsilk excavated discarded objects sites and histories from the lands around Earthquake Lake in Southwest Montana.  With a series of docu-dramas, they envisioned the life of each item, and subsequently placed them on ebay for auction.  The project unfolded in real-time on their blog, ebay, facebook and youtube, creating a linked circuit between 3 of the Internet’s most visited sites and their virtual outpost.

Coupling, Katrine Burkitt, 2008, 03;08
"A performance I did with my boyfriend that chronicled the nature of our relationship overtime. Needless to say, we parted ways shortly after the project was completed."

Lovefool, Lana Z Caplan, 2008, 04;40
Lovefool uses the popular format of music video to explore and interrogate the emotions of a jilted lover, whose self-pity takes on a demeanor that is at once tenuous, defiant, anxious, and disinterested.  Her desperate pleas become increasingly grotesque, but like a car crash, we can’t tear ourselves away.

Never Had More Troubles (Merv Griffin & Richard Nixon), Adie Russell, 2007, 02;00
This work is part of a series that developed out of the artist’s desire to interrupt historical narrative by depositing it in the present. By making visual “covers” of mid-century American television and audio recordings, she is looking at ideas related to the fluidity of time and reality, and searching for a point of intimacy with her subjects.

Bubblegum, Liz Nofziger, 2004, 03;16
An absurd visual exploration of sacchrine desire urged by the 1940’s audio recording of Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

For a Blonde… For a Brunette… For Someone… For Her… For You…,  Mike Olenick, 2005, 6;00
…is an interactive video featuring a (karaoke-style) reenactment of a key scene from Vertigo.  In the video, the filmmaker plays the role of James Stewart and the audience is encouraged take on Kim Novak’s role(s) from the film to complete the the scene and the video.

Artist Biographies and Contact Information:

Goatsilk, a collaborative art duo comprised of Ben Bloch and Caroline Peters, was formed in 2002 as an experimental gallery space on the outskirts of Missoula, Montana, creating projects such as The ebay Show, Fill:Full, and The Bowhead Project.  Goatsilk now engages the Internet as a site of continual metamorphosis, as an instrument, and as an artwork in and of itself.  Currently, Bloch teaches new genre arts at Whitman College in Washington, and Peters teaches contemporary theory and directs the art gallery at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Katrine Burkitt is a recent graduate of the SIM department (Studio for Interrelated Media) at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. With approaches ranging from the music video to the abstract narrative, her work is rooted in personal documentary and often uses humor on many different levels. Katrine is originally from Cape Cod but is currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

Lana Z Caplan makes films/videos, photos and installations which explore relationships between people; lovers and ex-lovers, citizens and their government, fathers and daughters, immigrants and their in-laws, the artist and their subject, and the relationship to oneself.  Her work has been screened and shown in many countries including at MadCat Women’s International Film Festival, San Francisco, CA; Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City; Gallery NAGA, Boston, MA.  Most recently Caplan has been working on a new film in conjunction with residency support from Wexner Center for the Arts.  Caplan also teaches at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA.

Liz Nofziger is a Boston-based video and installation artist. Her site-specific work examines relationships to space within thephysical, architectural, political, and pop-cultural landscape.

Mike Olenick is a filmmaker, editor, and photographer. In his work, he obsessively appropriates, remembers, restages, and re-edits other cinematic works.  His works have screened at the World Wide Video Festival, the Cinematheque Francaise, Oberhausen, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, New York Underground Film Festival and PDX, among others.

Adie Russell makes videos, drawings, paintings and installations which have been shown in the United States and abroad. Recent exhibitions include Bad Moon Rising at galerie sans titre, Brussels, Belgium, For Real, Spike Island, UK and UNSCR-1325 at The Chelsea Museum in New York. Russell lives and works in upstate New York.



4 programs of video works curated by Lana Z Caplan
June 25 - October 18, 2009

33 Main Street
North Adams, MA
Hours: Wed.-Sat. 10-6, Sun. 11-4

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Participating Artists include:

Natalie Bookchin
Katrine Burkitt
Lana Z Caplan
Michelle Handelman
Julianna Schley
Saul Levine
Liz Nofziger
Mike Olenick
Marisa Olson
Rich Remsberg
Adie Russell
Ben Russell
Joel Schlemowitz
Anabel Vazquez
Suara Welitoff

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